Cruise 2010 02/14/2010
Well here it is Valentine's Day and I am just getting to posting our cruise. We had a wonderful time. We visited Grand Caymen, Honduras, Cozumel, and Princess Cayes, Bahamas. We ran into a bit of bad weather, but overall it was not too bad. I think our favorite spot was Cozumel, Mexico. We visited the Tulum Mayan Ruins. The weather was gorgeous that day! We got to snorkel in the Bahamas. That was really fun! I have decided that is my new favorite thing to do on vacation. Adam and his parents had never been on a cruise, and I think they enjoyed the experience. I love cruises because you get waited on hand and foot. This cruise had a huge movie screen and they had movies under the stars. They gave you blankets and popcorn. It was so fun! Dinner was always a highlight, so many choices every night. We all tried things we had never eaten before. My favorite part was getting to spend time with my family.
Jami's B-Day 10/14/2009
So, this weekend was a big one.  Kristy and I finally got the bedroom furniture we have been saving for since we got married.  But that's not the best part. We have been sleeping on a mattress that is probably 30 years old.  Every morning we wake up with our back hurting.  This weekend we finally got our new mattresses as well.  It has been 4 days now, and I still have not got out of this bed.  It is soooo comfortable.  No more waking up 10 times a night with aches and pains.   It may sound like I am going on and on, but it made that much of a difference.  Anyway, enough about me, We went to my parents this past sunday for my sisters birthday.   Homemade tacos/burritos and cheesecake.  Those two really go together.  When Jami was opening up gifts, you would have thought it was Lukes birthday.  He loves presents, or at least opening them.   Overall, I would rate this weekend an A.

Small Group Lake House Retreat.

Last weekend our small group from church went to a retreat at the lake house.  It was a relaxing weekend.  We spent the first night just resting.  The next morning, the guys got up and rode a mountain bike trail that was pretty brutal.  Lots of hills, with seemingly more ups than downhills.  Meanwhile the girls went shopping.  After that we all met up for lunch at a restaurant on lake.  This place had fried green beans and fried potato salad.  After that, we went back and rested before BBQ for dinner.  The next morning we ate breakfast and headed home.  On the way home Kristy and I stopped at a local state park called Grahm Cave.  It was a cave that was used by Indians.  It only went back about 150 ft, but it is really wide.  In one of the pics, you can see me sitting on top of the cave.
Post Title. 09/27/2009
This past weekend, we went a couple from our small group to their hometown festival.  It was Pumpkin Fest.  Everything in the town had to do with pumpkins.  They had pumpkin chili,  pie, icecream  doughnuts, cookies, pancakes, etc.  We spent the weekend enveloped in pumpkin.  We even got up early on Saturday for a pumpkin pancake breakfast.  Believe it or not, they were pretty good.  There was a pumpkin festival parade, and even a carnival.  Dave took me to a pumpkin cannon  You will see a picture of it in the slide show.  It is able to shoot a pumpkin over a mile.  It was a pretty good time, and we even had time to do a little mountain biking.
Kristy B-Day 09/27/2009
So, Kristy had her birthday, and got to celebrate two different days.  We had a party at her parents before her birthday because they were going to be on vacation on her birthday.  We had a great BBQ.  Then we celebrated her birthday with my family the weekend after her birthday.  We all went out to spaghetti factory downtown.  That is one of kristy's favorite places. 
Float Trip 2009 08/21/2009
Last weekend we went on a float trip on the current river.  It was a perfect weekend, sunny and a high of 90.   We hadn't been on the current river before, but it was great.  The water was very clean and clear.  There were a lot of springs that fed into the river.  It also had a lot of places to swim and jump in.  We had a lot of fun.
A slideshow from some fun in the pool
Birthday Pics 08/01/2009
Here are a few pictures from my birthday, and the new grill I got.  It is a gas grill, charcoal grill, and smoker all in one, plus a side burner.  Over 1300 sq. inches of grill space.  I smoked my first brisket last weekend.  It turned out alright, but I have a lot of practice to do.
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Middle of Summer 07/25/2009

Hello again, I haven't posted anything in a while because I wasn't able to download pictures, but that is all taken care of now.  Kristy and I have been pretty busy so far this summer.  Kristy is taking a class at the college, and I have been working on the house.  I recently repaired and repainted the outside of the house.  It was a lot of work for one person, but it is done now and looks good.  Kristy and I have had some fun so far with boating a few times and mountain biking.  No serious injuries so far.  Well, I have posted some slide shows of switzerland and paris.  More will follow soon.  In switzerland, we ended up going up the Shilthorn mountain in the alps.  It took 4 cable cars to make it to the top.  At the top, there is a rotating restaurant that was filmed in a James bond movie.  In paris, we visited the sacre coeur, notre dame, Rodin museum, Louvre, pantheon, Arc de Triumphe, Eiffle tower, and more.  Hope you enjoy the pics.


We have just got back from 3 weeks in Europe.  It was a whirlwind tour.  Kristy and I visited around 9 countries in the time we were over there.  I am currently working on getting all the pictures together.  The first ones I will post will be from our trip to Germany.  We stayed with Kristy's sister and their family while we were in Germany.  It was a very beautiful country with so much to see.  Every where you went, there were castles around.  We had a lot of fun staying with Lori and Mark, and their 3 kids, Nathan, Audrey, and Kaylynn.  They were very hospitable and we all had a lot of fun.  The main areas we went were Heidleberg, Rottenburg, Bavaria, the vine strasse, and Kaiserslautern.  The german towns were all unique in their own way, and were so full of history.  In Rottenburg, there is a wall that goes around the entire city.  You can walk around the city in the wall.  Kristy and I went up there, but I was too tall to walk in the low archway.  Well anyway I am just trying to get some things up on the site.  I will write more about the trip later,and will also post pictures from other countries that we visited.